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Blue Note Fund
A program of Colon Cancer Alliance
1025 Vermont Ave., NW, Suite 1066
Washington, DC  20005
Main Fax: (866) 304-9075  
Toll Free: (877) 422-2030  
Main Phone: (202) 628-0123  
What type of business is this?  Private, Non-Profit

Who Are We?
The Colon Cancer Alliance’s Blue Note Fund gives one-time grants of $300 to colon cancer patients who are currently in treatment. Cofounded by the CCA and Grammy-nominated musician/producer and survivor Charlie Kelley, the Blue Note Fund provides hope to those fighting colon cancer.

Applications for the Blue Note Fund must be completed on-line.  Please call with additional questions.

Who Do We Serve?

Service Area (Cities|Counties):NationWide Other Eligibility Requirements:Colon cancer patients.

The When and How?
Hours of operation: 
How to Access Services:Complete on-line application.
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