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Age in Action Case Study: "Teens Teaching Alzheimer's Caregivers to Become Tech- Savvy: The Power of Community and Intergenerational Partnerships"

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Age in Action is a 20-page quarterly newsletter published jointly by the Virginia Center on Aging, the Virginia Geriatric Education Center, and the Virginia Department for the Aging. Its target audience is composed of professionals in the field of aging, gerontologists, geriatricians, health professionals and administrators, adult home and community professionals, and anyone else interested in activities in geriatrics and gerontology education and research in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The most important feature of the newsletter is the case study which appears in each issue. These case studies are developed based on current issues and concerns affecting older adults.

Select this link to VCoA's Age in Action newsletter to read about a case study about a model program in Southwest Virginia. This mutually beneficial intergenerational partnership brings together teenagers and Alzheimer's caregivers.

For more information on Age in Action, or to gain access to an online list of the issues published in recent years, please visit The Virginia Center on Aging (VCoA) Age in Action Newsletter web page.

Source: Virginia Center on Aging
Last Review:01/18/2012