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Fade to Blank: Life Inside Alzheimer's

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Alzheimer's threatens to disintegrate our humanity, one recollection at a time.

Who are we, if not an accumulation of a lifetime of experiences?

A shell, a husk, a hollow container-this is how the world views those diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

So influential is this perception those diagnosed are soon written off as a tragically lost cause- incapable of learning, growing or forming relationships. Everyone buys into this image. And the notion of hope becomes just another shattered memory.

The stigma of Alzheimer's tends to silence those touched by the disease. But some inspiring individuals are speaking up and sharing their experiences in a collective display of human empathy unmatched by any benefit concert or government initiative.

These tales inspired the Fade to Blank project, an account of three families exploring the human side of Alzheimer's as they learn how to live with the disease that has forever altered their lives.

They shared their stories with us so we could share them with you. We can't cure the disease (yet), but we can open hearts and minds to the truth that there is life to be lived inside Alzheimer's.

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Last Review:11/19/2013